Bright Lights

Bright Lights

Bright Lights Questionnaire
This questionaire is designed to collect information about the unique qualities of your child. These questions will allow our instructors to better understand and accommodate for your child’s individual needs. We hope to consider all of the information you choose to share so that we can help to make your child’s experience in our Bright Lights program the best it can be.Thank you for participating!




 *Suggested Age 6-10 years. Class is limited to 8 actors.

We are excited to offer our new Bright Lights program at H.T.A.C this fall! This class is designed for children on the autism spectrum. Bright Lights is formatted to include children that may have difficulty understanding the perspectives and social cues of others, while helping them work together with peers.  As a Bright Light, your child will be given the opportunity to engage in fun improvisation games, songs, and role play scenarios. Activities are designed to introduce your child to the creative outlet of theater while increasing social awareness and cooperative play skills.  Bright Lights will be taught by Artistic Director Christa Laska and Elizabeth Hawkins who holds a certification in Special Education

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*Completion of our questionnaire is required to see if your child is a candidate to be a Bright Light.